6 Feb 2016

I visited south Germany to experience the traditional south-german way to celebrate carnival. It is quite different from the region where I come from. Lots of fun and hundreds of pictures.

12 Dec 2015

Glad to always have a camera with me. Even thoug it's just my cell phone. 

Ice on advertisingboard.



18 Oct 2015

Only blue sky, yellow leaves ... and cold, fresh air. Took again a long walk around the lake nearby. This time with my camera.



10 Sep 2015

Flying over Oslo and the fjord in perfect weather. What a beautiful experience. I managed to take some (!) pictures. 



21 Jun 2015

My favorite all-round lens (18-200mm) broke down. No autofocus anymore. For the moment I'm forced to use my other lenses. It's really fun. I have to think more and move around more, but the results are nice. Especia...

25 Apr 2015

Photoshoot with beautiful friends using my new lamps. So many nice moments to choose from.

The lamps make it much easier. What a difference. Hardly any adjustments necessary afterwards.





14 Mar 2015


A friend of mine needed some pictures of himself and asked me to help him out. He brought his flash. I never use flash, but since we had so little light I tried it. 




8 Feb 2015

Finally I bought some studio lamps. That came in handy when I was ask to make again pictures to illustrate themes in a report.



22 Jan 2015

No, now I have to take care of all the pictures I tok recently. Quiete fun finally having time again and inspiration. Traveling helps a lot too. 


7 Dec 2014

Some more macro-fun. You find them in the gallery "Abstract".  

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