2 Dec 2014

"Abstinence is a self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure."

Sounds right. 

Put an end to it.

Used my kitchen und played with water, oil and some ot...

15 Oct 2014

May be you don't see the difference. You find my galleries now, where recently added pictures were before. Just hover over the picture to see the name of the gallery. Some updates here and there. Hope you like it.



1 Oct 2014

I had some time to make the picture I had in my head for a while. The whole process was great fun. I’m glad it turned out so well. It is a great advantage to know what I want. I always find a way to get there.
It go...

26 Sep 2014

Finally I could try to take night pictures again. Something I’m really not good at. I don’t like to carry around my tripod. Well, it was a fun event anyway. -
River walk by torch light. Annual event in honor of the...

18 Aug 2014

Jippi! Camera is back.
We were having fun in Oslo’s newest sculpture park.

27 Jul 2014

After my trip to Germany my camera was loaded with pictures. But I couldn’t transfer them and I couldn’t turn off my camera. Weird. Well, it’s send away to get repaired. The shop offered me to borrow a camera if I n...

31 May 2014

Watching the garden through my camera.
Summer is here.

18 May 2014

Springtime. I picked up some dandelion …


Learning more about my 100mm lens. Fun to work with, when you know what you’re doing. Found out that OS means “optical stabilizer”. Didn’t need it since I was using my tripod...

23 Feb 2014

Yesterday I finally had time to take pictures but it was a really gray and rainy day. So i explored my kitchen and found the colors of the rainbow and more. - New gallery: ABSTRACT

8 Feb 2014

I was asked to make some illustrating photos for a report. I don’t have a lightbox so I improvised. Quite hard not having really good lightning. But after some adjustments in PS it turned out fine.


Fun and great exe...

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